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Hi my name is Heidi, nice to meet you..


So tell me…….Where will you be in 12 years?


First of all, when I ask people this question first they will be like ….12 years?

Than with their eyes in bewilderment and slowly …     Uhh?


Well I don’t know. I guess doing more or less what I am doing now?


With a big question mark in their eyes and just waiting for the catch I have for them with this question….


There is no catch.


Now that you’re feeling relaxed I want to take you on my journey.


So what is so special with 12 years?

Because 12 years ago, I also would not have known what I would be doing now. If you had asked me that question at the beginning of my career I would have answered I don’t know…I think the same… with the same bewilderment.  At that time my future looked like this: working hard at a corporate job, doing my best, climbing up the corporate ladder as I should right on schedule, taking on a mortgage for a house, a loan to buy a car and that was it.


Until and I remember this moment clearly because I had a morning to myself ( I’m also a mom of two very active kids) I had the time to reflect.


  • I was progressing in my corporate career
  • I was healthy
  • My family was healthy
  • Great collegues (check) and the list went on

but  I got a sense that something was missing in that  picture. And I realized that there should be more to life than just the expected way of doing things: study hard, find a good job, do your best, work hard, climb up the ladder, get more salary, get more status, take out loans, buy a another house, buy a bigger car, add more responsibility, work even harder, get higher on the corporate ladder, work longer hours, more pressure, live towards two weeks of vacation, and it goes on and on just to continue this rat race until we retire at 65 and we drop dead.


Sounds harsh but it is what it is.


Another clear moment was when someone close to me died and I was very much confronted with my own mortality. It reminded me that we only have a limited amount of time here on earth and we know that one day we all have to leave to be rejoined with the source from where we came from.


I was longing deep down to more than just going around the rat race every day again.  In that quest to find out more and more I got this download that I should get my own business one day. But how I would go about it I had no clue.


I went on a journey of 12 years to find my purpose. I simply didn’t know how to get there and I didn’t know what type of business I wanted to have. All I knew was how to build my corporate career. Downloading top 100 business ideas and checklists, reading only business reports and listening to corporate business guru’s and it was just not it for me anymore.


Until I realized that I needed to look within. Take the journey within. But that is easier said than done, because of all the distractions both of our own thoughts and the outside world.


I discovered by taking the journey within, I found my mission. And I realized that it is deeply connected with your passions and talents. It’s in this zone where you will discover what business you can start, one that will give you fulfillment and joy in life.


Are you feeling unhappy about your life, unfulfilled about your job and nothing seems to be working?


That is a sign that you are going in the wrong direction.


Your inner guidance is telling you that there is more in you, that there is more to what you have been doing up till now. It’s your ‘GPS’, your guiding light. It is expressed in our heart and it will make you listen to it. Your inner guidance is nudging you that you should look for a different direction. When that happens you need to listen and take action. You will discover that the same things don’t inspire you anymore or that your interests change.


Explore, try things out, discover and ask yourself questions. You should also know that listening to your inner guidance comes with no costs…only gains.


But there is a cost if you choose not to follow the signs. You will not be in a state of growth and development. You may be higher on the corporate ladder, but there is a price you pay! Less quality time for yourself, your family and friends and with more stress, anxiety, more debt,  living from vacation to vacation, and not living your full potential with nagging feelings of what if….


Now to the next questions …


Are you ready to change your future?

Are you ready to change the outlook on where you will be 12 years from now?

Are you ready to take a discovery journey to find out where your genius is?

Are you ready for your transformation?


To help you with this journey, this quest into finding out what excites you and makes you happy, I have created this awesome webinar called Discover your Genius.


In this webinar:

  • You’ll Discover your zone of genius i.e. where your passions and talents lie.
  • We reveal a simple way to find a business model that matches your business idea and that totally excites you.
  • We’ll share simple and highly effective tips that you can implement that eliminates the doubts whether you should start your own business or not

It took me 12 years, but you should not have to do it in 12 years. You can do this Now


During this webinar you will get the keys to

  • Your passions
  • Your talents and most important
  • Your vision with that business idea that excites you.


The idea that inspires you and propels you into planning your next move into the entrepreneurial world.


My last question to you now is:


Are you going to keep on doing the same of what you have been doing and ignoring your inner guidance and stay where you are right now in 12 years?


Or are you going to take the first step into your purpose and mission of life?


So are you doing with you have been doing all this time to be exactly where you are right now in 12 years from now? Is that really where you want to go? Take a new action and get a new result


Like Tony Robbins says: The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.


Begin the discovery journey today and click on the link to attend the webinar Discover Your Zone of genius  that I will be hosting the 28th of August 2021 at  7:00 pm ET


Click below here




For the record: A few people will answer me clearly where they want to be and that is also ok!


Looking forward in seeing you in my webinar the 28th of August 2021.


To your success!