Effective and Powerful Communication Training

When your team isn’t implementing what they know!

An one-day training session meticulously designed to tackle the communication challenges within your team and get the tools to become so much more effective in moving your team to get formidable results.

Getting to the source why your team isn’t implementing what they know will enable you to adjust your strategy in much more efficient way.

Who should attend:

This training is tailored for Business executives, Managing Directors, CEOs, and Entrepreneurs who are committed to:

  • maximizing profitability
  • harnessing the power of conversations to drive results
  • honing their communication skills for Team buy-in
  • practice observation and active listening for accelerated results
  • mastering communication dynamics between management and employees

Important information:

Date: 29 April 2024
Time: 8:30 am (registration) – 5:00 pm
Location: Dreams Hotel Business Center
Investment: $699 per person or $ 998 per Management Team of two (early bird registration ends April 1st)

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Leading by example is not something you DO it is who you ARE BEING

Project 5 to 12,
Unlocking your potential

Do you have a crystal-clear vision for your future? In the dynamic world of business and life, having a powerful vision is not just essential—it’s the difference between success and stagnation. Without it, we risk wandering aimlessly, missing opportunities, and letting our dreams slip through our fingers.

Introducing Project 5 to 12—a transformative journey designed to supercharge your vision and propel you toward your biggest, boldest, and wildest goals. Over the course of five intensive weeks, you’ll join a hand-picked group of like-minded leaders to craft a vision that will shape the next twelve months of your business or personal life.

For who is this Project 5 to 12?

For business executives and entrepreneurs who are committed to:

  • Crafting a crystal-clear and compelling vision for their business or organization
  • Identifying the gaps enroute to birthing their vision
  • Making bold decisions and taking decisive action
  • Working with a team to make their vision happen
  • Sharing invaluable insights to other fellow leaders

How does it work:

  • 1 ½ hour sessions
  • 5 consecutive weeks
  • Assignments in between sessions
  • Small groups of maximum 5 persons

Intention and goal:

Crafting the boldest vision that will shape the next twelve months of your business and personal life.

Important information:

Time: 8:00 -9:30 am
Dates: TBD
Investment: $439 (excluding taxes)

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The fact that I was able to share and discuss my desires with like-minded people during the sessions was extremely helpful.

Coaching Sessions

Reveal the unseen with coaching

Just as a fish can’t see the water it swims in, often we’re blind to the patterns and behaviors holding us back from achieving our full potential. It takes awareness to break free from these invisible barriers and choose a path to success.

The biggest challenge you face?

Your laziness to remain the same.

Yet it is not specific to you but it’s the human condition. Your innate instinct is to protect you from anything that is a treat, whether it being a physical one to your body or a treat to your personal identity. Hence, you will resist change, and will cling to what’s familiar and safe. But staying stagnant means you are missing out on growth and opportunity, both in life and in business.
That is where coaching steps in.

Coaching is the catalyst for overcoming your inertia. It’s about shining a light on the blind spots, the habits, and the mindset that’s keeping you stuck. With coaching, you’ll get challenged, you will be pushed beyond your limits yet you will get the backing and tools to deal and overcome your trials and reach new heights.

1-on-1 Coaching isn’t therapy—it’s action-oriented, agenda-driven, and results-focused. You set the goals, and we provide the support and guidance to help you achieve them. Whether your journey is a sprint or a marathon, real transformation is possible when you’re ready and determined to take the leap.

If you’re committed to creating powerful outcomes in your life and business, coaching is your next step.

For Individuals who:

  • boldly navigate leadership challenges,
  • are dedicated in being highly effective in high profit environment,
  • are unlocking their full potential to inspire and elevate their teams,
  • are propelling unprecedented growth and impact within their businesses.

Important information:

Cycles: 6 months or 1 year
Location: online or in person
Investment: $ 2310 (excluding taxes)

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True transformation only happens when you understand that your power comes from who you are BEing and that you can choose a different BEing every time

Heidi Getrouw