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Instead of setting goals to ‘get’ something we should set goals to ‘be’ something.


While there is nothing wrong with setting goals to get, they may not bring you the fulfillment you seek.


When you  set ‘get’ goals  you only ‘get’ the stuff. For example a new car, a new job, a new house etc.

When you set ‘be’ goals, you become something, you transform.  Which is much better than things and stuff.


Let me explain a bit further, there are three motives for which we live; we live for the body, we live for the mind, and we live for the soul or spirit. You can also see it this way: we live on three levels, we are a spiritual being, gifted with an intellect and living in and through a body.


To become successful in life means becoming who you truly are meant to be. That means that there needs to be a balance on all three levels. You cannot live a successful life if either one is cut short of full life and expression. It is not right to live only for the soul and deny the mind and the body, it is wrong to live only for the mind and deny body or soul and we already can imagine the consequences for living for the body alone and denying both mind and soul.


The aim should be: the experiences we want to have, the fulfilment we want to feel, the growth and insights we want to gain. The aim should be about  being and living in your highest potential to the benefit of others and yourself.


It is our a natural desire and inherent in human nature for us to grow and to seek fulfillment beyond just having physical things. It is in our nature to become all that we are capable of becoming. A desire to live a richer, fuller and more abundant live.


“There is no future that we do not create. There is nothing for us to get, only that which we need to become.”

Paul Martinelli



In order to obtain fulfillment and to live an inspirational and blissful life, is to become the best version of ourselves through developing our talents and potential and to inspire others with it.


When you are setting your goals for this year 2022, what is the vision you have when you think about being able to live a richer, fuller and more abundant live? What would your vision of you look like when you think about becoming the best version of yourself?


Think about the different area’s of your life:

What do you want to accomplish?

What do you want to experience?

What do you want to contribute?

Who do you want to become?


If you don’t define it you won’t be able to achieve it.  Deciding what you want requires you to be specific and make your goals measurable.


Get very clear with what you want your empowered future to look and feel like.

Write it down. Think on it. Envision it. What’s different about you in the future?

My aim is that people become aware and set goals that are tied to becoming the best version of themselves.

Not on the mediocre level, good, but the very Best version of themselves.

My aim is for you to create an unshakeable vision for your life this year 2022 and beyond!


To your success!


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