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There is only one month left for 2021. And I can tell you one thing; This train called life will just rumble on and keep going right into 2022  with the same speed and has no intention of slowing down.


That is..if you don’t grab the wheel and set the pace and course. Otherwise life will pass you by and dreams and goals will just remain dreams and goals…unachieved.


Sounds a bit harsh, but it doesn’t have to be like this.


The end of the year marks the closure for the preceding months and is also the busiest month of the year on both personal & business level. You are trying to get your personal to-do list down to nothing, while businesses want to make as much sales as possible to meet financial targets they set and agreed on at the beginning of the year.


It’s like a cycle: We start the beginning of the year with a fresh pack of good intentions otherwise best known as ”New Year’s Resolutions”. You know the drill; lose weight, live healthier, get another degree, spend quality time with loved ones, start a new hobby, volunteer more and so on.  However, as the months go by, life happens, we get distracted, and (more often than not) we even forget about “xyz” resolution. As the end of the year emerges we then panic or feel disappointed, because we -did-not-achieve-X-Y-Z. Subsequently, we accept that is just the way things go and the next year we do exactly the same.


We continue with the motion of setting New Year’s resolutions because it is the thing to do.


By now some rebellious people are saying ‘I don’t do resolutions because it does not work’.  Others are saying, “Well, let me make a resolutions list because it is a great thing to do and it motivates me to start the year with a boost”. Even though they know that most of those won’t be met, yet they hope that it will be different this year.


To which group of people do you belong?


Both groups of people are oblivious to the fact that by either rebelling against it or just staying in the motion cycle is not going to help them. It is not that resolutions don’t work and it is not that some ‘miracle’ will happen that it will be different this year. It is the unawareness that keeps people in the cycle of doing the same things over and over and not knowing how to actually break away from that.


Take a breath….


What if I told you that there is a way to break away from this cycle and that you can go about setting goals on a higher conscious level. But to be able to do that, you first have to understand where we come from.


We are programmed by society on what goals to set, what we should and should not be doing. We have traditionally learned to set goals in order to have or to achieve things. It’s everything that society expects of us. It’s all about having and doing. Many of us pursue goals we think will make us happy. This is what we are taught!


As Vishen Lakiani explains in his book  “ The Code of the Extraordinary Mind”:

“Society impulses us to go out and set means-goals”.

Ever heard about the expression ‘means to an end’? Means is the way to get somewhere, i.e. the End.  In his book he talks about the way we set goals, being focused on the ‘means’ on the ‘way’ and not on the End. He considers this type of goal setting almost irresponsible. Because when you focus on the ‘means’ you focus on the ‘material’ and you leave out the experience that the ‘means’ brings.


Let me explain…


Just think about this. If you’re making a ‘New Year’s resolution list”, what is on the list? How many of those goals are related to something material or an expectation of society?  A new car? A bigger house? Getting that promotion? More travel or vacation? Loosing weight? Eating healthier?


Our goals are not aimed at ‘being, experiencing or becoming more’ they are aimed at ‘means’ otherwise expressed in ‘getting more’.


And you’re now thinking “ But what is wrong with ‘getting more’?” There is nothing wrong with that, except that often this does not lead to a lasting satisfaction or true fulfilling experience. Achieving those ‘getting more’ or ‘means’ goals often sets us on the path to wanting more and bigger, but more of the material, which doesn’t fulfill the needs we have as human beings.


When we remain in the ‘getting more’ cycle, we may find that we wake up one day, wondering what on earth happened to us as we find ourselves stuck in an uninspiring, boring, stagnant life full of stuff.


How does this happen?


The aim of the goal should be the experiences we want to have, the fulfilment we want to feel, the growth and insights we want to gain and the aim should be about  being and living in your highest potential to the benefit of yourself and others. It should lead us to living the vision we have for our life.


In order to obtain fulfillment and live an inspirational and truly happy life is to become the best version of ourselves through developing our talents and potential and to inspire others with it.


The way I see it is that we are here on earth for a moment in time and each of us have been blessed with a set of talents uniquely to us. We have them for the sole purpose to use them, develop them, enjoy them and share them to the benefit of yourself and others.


Did this information prompt you to evaluate your goals of 2021 to create better goals for 2022?


Some questions to ask yourself when evaluating the goals you have set yourself for 2021 are:

  • How many goals on your list have you actually achieved?
  • What were your struggles?
  • What was a factor for your success if you’ve achieved (some of) your goals?
  • What was your mindset behind writing them?
  • Will you set the same goals for 2022?


Choose a cozy place and ask yourself these questions. In my next blog post I will tell you all about my transformation and the way I now set my goals.

Keep an eye out for my next blog post about this topic and meanwhile you can also apply for this great workshop session I’m holding in which I will help you set your vision and your goals for 2022 the right way!

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To your success!


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