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I don’t come from an entrepreneurial background. I’m the first one in my family.


It was also never encouraged.


But what always encouraged to me was the importance of a good study to have a great job and successful career with all the goods that came with it or made me able to live a good life.


You know the drill..


Nice house, big company, great growing opportunities, company car and just have a nice life!


Yet.. I was always drawn and still am fascinated by entrepreneurs building businesses and being successful at it. They seem so fearless and laser-focused on their goals. They are passionate about their business(es) and lives. There is a magic in being creative and building your business. There is a sense of freedom in creating and determining how you want things to go and make your own decisions.


One thing I quickly realized, when I started as an entrepreneur is that there is such a thing as having a certain mindset or entrepreneurial mindset to take into account.


It was with my ever first coaching client that I came to this realization. While coaching her and eagerly helping her out and rooting for her to succeed I realized to be truly successful as an entrepreneur, you need to nurture that force which is nestled in the mind. This force determines how successful you will be in your endeavors. If left undiscovered people will not be able to change and obtain different results which they might desire.


It is precisely this that will set “Entrepreneurs “ apart from “Wantrepreneurs”


Ever heard about this term? Wantrepreneurs are people that have all the good intentions and want to build a business yet they lack the awareness of their innerforce (mind) to really do the things that will move the needle forward and move them beyond their comfort zone.


People are habit creatures. We always do something a certain way and this applies to everything we do. It’s been programmed! Your upbringing, education, experiences, beliefs and thoughts will unconsciously determine your actions and results. These are all stored within our subconscious mind and they direct our lives,…that is until we become aware.


It’s until we have the awareness about our (limiting) beliefs and thoughts, which are supported by our emotions based on our education and experiences, that we can recognize them and implement the changes needed to our benefit; The new future that we wish to create.


An entrepreneurial mindset can be nurtured.


Remember the force that is already within you? You need to access it and use it to its full potential.


Are you ready to take control? Are you ready to, just like any successful entrepreneur, develop and possess certain characteristics that will lead you to success?


I would like to introduce you to the 6 mental faculties.


We all have access to these faculties yet not that many of us really use them all to their benefit. These faculties are like ‘mental muscles’; once trained your quality of thinking and overall mindset will be improved. So let’s have a look at these 6 mental faculties and how successful entrepreneurs apply them to navigate their entrepreneurial journey.


  1. Your Perception.

How do we look at things? What is your point of view ( POV)? The fact that you can make a conscious decision to change your point of view about a situation is an important awareness. Instead of a setback you see something as a challenge and your brain starts looking for solutions and you access and or improve your skill set. Next time the same challenge will be solved faster and easier.


  1. Your Intuition

Using your “common sense” is what we were taught. Successful entrepreneurs also use their “common feeling”. It’s called your intuition. We all have it. Others refer to it as “gut feeling”. Our intuition also makes us aware of situations and when we have to make important decisions. It’s  noticeable through our feelings. When we use the sentence ‘I have a feeling that….’ It’s when we are speaking from our intuition.

Unfortunately most people put their “common sense” and analytical minds before their intuition. It’s what we were taught. You need to be all about strategy and planning and forget about that part of you that your business needs to make it human and showcase your passion. A successful entrepreneur has developed a keen intuition and will make important decisions based on their intuition; they don’t get caught up in or are preoccupied with details. They have the ability to adjust and adapt to the big picture.

A few examples: they don’t wait for the funding or additional resources to start. They just hit the ground and start running. They find ways to get whatever it is that they need to start. Their intuition guides them on the path that they should take.


2. Your Memory

Your memory ensures that ideas that are tied to a strong emotion are stored in your subconscious mind. Both negative and positive emotions are stored in your subconscious mind in the same manner. We often think that our mind can only remember things from the past, but the way our mind is created we can also train  it to remember things of the future

Creating a new thought or memory to overcome old mindset blocks that hold you back in your future-self sounds a bit “breezy”, but combined with your imagination, it’s proven that the more you believe in yourself and see yourself successful, the more you will start behaving as such and thus also make decisions as your successful self. This is how successful entrepreneurs use their power of memory to create their future and success.

For example, an entrepreneur who always seems to be one step ahead. They already start thinking like the person they want to be. They start making the decisions with the mind of somebody already on a higher level. . Always thinking about what’s next. They know their market and are flexible to change and growth. They are not led by fear and often look for ways to escape their comfort zone to avoid getting stuck in the present and therefore lacking the flexibility needed to pivot.


3. Your Imagination

Your imagination and  creativity allows you to dream. You may call it daydreaming. Often people say dreams are deceiving but they don’t understand that by saying this, they are actually taking away the future that they want to create. We limit ourselves in our dreaming about the future by dismissing it as such. Consequence is that we don’t dare to dream bigger and we create the same things over and over again. Successful entrepreneurs are big dreamers and they use their imagination constantly, bringing out their inner ingenuity to find a creative solution to whatever obstacle comes their way or to create their future offices, products or services. For those with an entrepreneurial mindset, there is no such thing as a dead end; there are only new opportunities for growth.


4. Your Willpower

Your willpower is nothing else than the ability to concentrate, focus and to start and finish what you have set out to do. The reason why a lot of people fail at this is because they don’t have a clear picture of what it is that they truly want. Successful entrepreneurs are driven by their passion for their business and are clear about why creating their business is a “must” for them. Their business is an extension of who they are as a person – it’s the encapsulation of their beliefs and values. Their willpower is an unstoppable force that will drive them to growth and success. They use their willpower to continue despite all things.


5. Your Reasoning

What comes first? The chicken or the egg? In this case the reasoning or your intuition. See it as legislative. A law is made after there is a need for it. Your intuition is the direct connection with your higher awareness. Your higher awareness tells you what it is you need or will be needing. After you listened to it, then you start reasoning about the actions you should be undertaking  to take the first steps. Often when we get an idea and the first thing that springs into action is our analytical mind with the question How?

And the reasoning starts…

However the How is not important at that moment. Being fixed on the How triggers fears, anxiety, doubts and so on. With one of the main fears being the fear of failure.  If you look at most successful people in the world, they all have failed at some point – and you will, too, whether you’re growing a business or not. Failure is just an inevitable part of the learning curve.

If they fail, they don’t let it influence their actions and behaviors. They don’t make excuses like; no funding, no resources, too difficult to break through. Instead what they do is explore that intuition and listen to it more carefully and leave action steps out of the equation. They just listen and try again, because they know that if they don’t try, they have already failed.

Ready to grow? Put these 6 mental muscles to the test and develop your own entrepreneurial mindset. The first step is to listen and follow your intuition. Use your willpower and that force within you to take the jump and to succeed in what matters. Use your imagination and dedicate yourself to overcoming the challenges. Use your perception and find ways to learn from your failures.

Entrepreneurship is not for the weak and it’s not for those with a “good idea.” It’s for the cut above who have no choice but to build their business, because of their passion, their drive and their belief that a life without trying is a life not lived.


Interested in learning more about how to acquire the entrepreneurial mindset?


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In this program there is a dedicated module in which I teach all about the entrepreneurial mindset. We will be covering the topics on how we are programmed, how our subconscious mind works and how we can change our thinking to acquire the necessary mindset to become a successful entrepreneur.


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To your success!


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