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A few years  I set a goal to earn 100.000 by the end of that year. I wrote the goal down on a goal card. I created an action plan in which I wrote down all the steps and actions that I needed to take to accomplish this goal. I looked at my goal card regularly, meditated and visualized it and made it my own.


I was all in for this goal.


Did I achieve that goal? NO


Why? Life happened.


I went through a lot of struggles, dealt with doubt and insecurities. I also got bored of meditating. I felt like it was an obligation. Who knew working at a goal would require so much work? I got frustrated, put it aside for a while which resulted in me forgetting about it all together. Until one day I was reminded again when I came across my goal card and I started thinking.


What am I missing? It was then that I realized that something important was missing…


What I was missing was an inspiring and excitingvision.


I missed the reason Why I wanted to achieve that goal. I was missing the experience that I wanted to have; the growth and insights I wanted to gain; the vision of how I would be able to be and live in my highest potential to the benefit of myself and my coaching clients.


Be a visionary


If you really want to change something, if you want to achieve your goals and feel the fulfillment, it’s essential to have an inspiring vision first. In my previous blog I spoke about the “means to an end goals”. ‘Means’ is the way to get somewhere, i.e. the End.  And I shared how  Vishen Lakiani talks about the way we set goals, being focused on the ‘means’ on the ‘way’  mainly and not on the End. Many of us stay stuck with the ‘means’ goals, because we have no idea where it is that we want to go. We don’t have a compelling end in sight. When you have a clear and compelling vision, the practice of goal setting will become much easier and most important; one that sticks! You know why you’re doing it.


Before the goal setting there must be the vision setting!


What is a vision?


“A vision is not just an image of what could be,

 it is a call to our better selves,

 a call to become more”

 -Rosabeth Moss Kanter-


A vision is the way you view something.

It includes the following:

  • the future
  • what you want (become)
  • What you go for
  • What you want to be recognized by in the future
  • Ideals and ambitions
  • Development, change and innovation


You find these elements  by “Looking into your heart” as Carl Yung quotes:


“Your vision only becomes clear when you look into your heart.

Who looks outside, dreams.

Whoever looks inside, wakes up!”

 -Carl Jung-


A good question to ask yourself is:

What are the happiest moments in my life that have given me the most satisfaction?

For me those moments are when I see others grow and develop and get better. Those moments I experienced when I was a member of Toastmasters International. An international organization focussed on developing leadership and communication skills in people.

As a member I have helped many members grow and develop and the satisfaction I got when watching people go from a nervous and stuttering speaker to a relaxed and fluent speaker gave me great satisfaction. During my days at the Toastmasters Club I did not achieve money, a car or a house. What I’ve achieved is much greater than that. I’ve had an experience which also helped me discover my happiest moments, what inspires me.

Having experiences like this helped me define my vision more clearly which in turn helped me set goals for success. It is about being focussed on personal growth, on the person I want to be and the experiences that I want to have.

To be able to find your vision first you will have to take a journey, ask yourself some questions and start connecting the dots. Self Reflection is key in this.

Do this by asking yourself the following question:


“What experiences do you want to have or better yet what experience would your soul crave if money and time were not an obstacle?”


Back to  my goal of hitting  100.000; what was I missing when I wrote down this goal? I didn’t  have an idea what experience I wanted to have when obtaining the 100.000. It was a bare goal.

So now I wrote down the experience I would like to have. In this case as a Coach I want to experience the joy and fulfillment of helping and inspiring people to follow their dreams. I also want to experience living comfortably, doing spontaneous activities with my family, and travel and explore the world.

Next I wrote down why I wanted this experience. The answer is connected to my purpose in life, which is inspiring people, and is the reason why I get out of bed every day.  Also I want to be there for my family without worrying about every dime and penny and enjoying life and creating experiences together with them.

Now I had this all clear, I had to become someone worthy of this experience.  I had to answer the question ‘ What do I have to do to become this person’? I had to become someone who is disciplined, who is patient, who is persistent and does not give up, who has a focus, who is willing to keep trying, who is creative to come up with other solutions.

This process  I just described is important for any big goals you want to set.


Having a vision based on experience and your why.


You can repeat this process for any goal that you set for yourself in every area of your life.Take a look again at the goals you have already set and ask yourself the following questions:


Who do I need to be?

What do I need to do?

What kind of experience do I want to have?

If anything were possible and money and time were no object, what kind of experiences would I like to have in …[ fill in the area of your life]?



Did you find this helpful or inspiring?

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To your success!



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