Pure Brain Power Coaching

Powerful results come from becoming aware of the unaware and then choosing differently

I partner with business executives and entrepreneurs who are deeply dedicated to achieving extraordinary outcomes in both their personal and professional lives.

Effective and Powerful Communication Training

Get to the root of why your team isn’t implementing what they already know.

Project 5 to 12

Craft a bold vision in 5 weeks that will shape the next 12 months of your business & life.

1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Become aware of the unaware so you can choose differently

“Heidi is a great mentor who takes time to help you get there and is innovative when this is needed!”

– Susan E. Managing Director

“A powerful life is awareness + making corrective choices.”
“A weak life is awareness + stubbornness not to make corrective choices.”
Intrigued by these two statements? Reach out and contact us.

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